Monday, August 19, 2013

Transitioning from Ning (the social network) to Ning (the social media manager)

Out with the old Ning!

Based upon the results and comments from last spring, we will be transitioning away from using our IDT Ning site to Ning, the social media manger (more on the second Ning, later).  Although we have over 500 students and alumni in our ESU IDT Ning community, we found that for the vast majority, Ning is not part of their social media routine. Also, over the years, Ning has moved to a subscription (pay) service and we are now paying over $200 per year for our seldom-used Ning site. 

In the coming weeks, I encourage you to LIKE our IDT Facebook page (if you are a Facebook user), or join our more exclusive LinkedIn group (if you are a LinkedIn user), or better yet, join both! And definitely begin following this IDT blog. We are also investigating the creation of an ESU IDT Google+ presence. We will certainly continue the use of our IDT Student email list ( and our IDT Alumni email list (

An overview of ways to stay in touch with ESU IDT:
In with the new Ning!

ESU IDT has a Social Media Manager this year; Ning Liu.  Ms. Liu is a graduate student in our ESU IDT master of science program.  She will be directing the management of our many IDT social media outlets and marketing efforts.  A short introduction from our new Ning:

Hi there, My name is Ning (Lenny) Liu, a Chinese girl who has been in ESU for four years already. I have got my MA in English this May, and this is my first semester in ESU IDT. I will work as a Social Media Manager. It is really an honor to work with IDT faculty, students, and alumni together. And it is a great opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. I am ready to welcome the brand new school year. Are you ready?

We will be trying some new things this year with our social media and blog, like guest bloggers! Contact Ning, if you would be interested in contributing to your IDT blog and other outlets!


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