Monday, May 18, 2015

Transitioning to Summer

Congratulations Spring 2015 Graduates!

We had a wonderful time celebrating with the accomplishments of our Spring 2015 IDT Graduates!  Please join us in wishing our graduates well on our Facebook page.  There are lots of photos for you to help you participate in the celebration.

Summer Advising

During the summer, faculty advisors tend to have complicated schedules.  In order to make sure your questions get answered in a timely manner, we will have one sole faculty advisor for the summer.  Between May 18 through August 11th, Dr. Insook Han (, will be serving as the direct contact for ALL summer advising questions.  On August 12th, you can resume contacting your regular advisor.  Dr. Han will work with Dr. Colorado and Janet Schneider to get any questions you have answered.