Monday, July 11, 2016

Two New Members Join the Instructional Design and Technology Faculty at Emporia State University

After an extensive faculty search, we are excited to announce two new additions to the Emporia State University Instructional Design and Technology Family. Yeol Huh and Sungwoong Lee will be joining the department as assistant professors this August.  They will be teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses.
Yeol Huh, Ph.D.

Please join us in welcoming them to Emporia State University and Emporia, KS.

Yeol Huh, Ph.D.

Yeol Huh received his M.S. and Ph.D. in the Department of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. He worked for the Samsung C&T Corporation in the international trading division as a business associate, and also worked for a Fortune 500 company as an instructional designer. 

His research interests include promoting learners’ self-regulated learning, self-efficacy, and motivation in technology-enhanced learning environments by integrating technology and facilitating technology integration for learner-centered instruction especially in teacher education. 

Sungwoong Lee, Ph.D.
Sungwoong Lee, Ph.D.

Sungwoong Lee graduated from the Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies program at Florida State University in 2016. His dissertation, The Effects of Representation Format in Problem Representation on Qualitative Understanding and Quantitative Proficiency in a Learning Game Context, addresses how educational games, by providing various types of learning support, promote the acquisition and application of conceptual understanding in order to enhance mathematical problem solving in the formal educational context. While at Florida State University, he have accumulated teaching experience in both in-classroom and online courses in the College of Education at FSU. He earned his master’s degree in 2009 and bachelor’s degree in 2006 from Korea University.  

His research interests include problem solving in game-based learning, immersive virtual learning environments, design of virtual learning environments for students with autism, and technology integration in classroom. 

IDT Professor, Harvey Foyle, Retires

Dr. Foyle began his career at Emporia State University as an adjunct professor in the summer of 1984 and fall of 1986 and became an assistant professor in 1987. He came to the Instructional Design and Technology Department in August of 2000 and has served in the Teacher Education Division, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Social Science Division and The Teachers College over the last 29 years. He taught Instructional Technology for Educators and Advanced Instructional Technology to undergraduate education majors. He also taught graduate courses in Google Applications, Research in Instructional Design and Technology, and the Master's Project in IDT capstone class.
Prior to coming to Emporia State University, Dr. Foyle taught social studies and other related courses at the high school level in Emporia and Hillsboro, KS.

Dr. Foyle's research interests included instructional and curricular design, student teacher supervision, social studies education, classroom homework, cooperative learning, integrating technology into education, and handheld devices.  Highlighted publications include:

Creating Interactive Curriculum for Elementary and Middle School Studies. (2012). With Lawrence Lyman and Allyson Lyman. El Cajon, CA: National Social Science Press. ISBN 978-1-936306-46-8

Managing Interactive Classroom Learning Communities for Elementary and Middle School Students. (2011). With Lawrence Lyman and Allyson Lyman. El Cajon, CA: National Social Science Press. ISBN 978-1-936306-23-9

Dr. Foyle was awarded the Roe R. Cross Distinguished Professor award in 2002.  In an article honoring this accomplishment, he shared a hope for his students.  He said
, “I hope that they will have a love of learning, a dedication to their chosen field, and a caring for the people around them. "  Read more at

Thank you, Dr. Foyle for your many years of teaching, scholarly activity, and service.  We will miss you!