Tuesday, October 28, 2014

IDT Scholarship Fund Closes in on Endowment Level

It was less than a month ago when we first posted that we were getting close to endowment level on our scholarship fund.  As of today, we are less than $400 away from reaching our endowment level of $10,000. 

If you would like to help us reach our goal balance, please go to http://www.emporia.edu/give.  Designate the amount you would like to give and under Designation, select Other.  Type “IDT Scholarship Fund (120935)” in the text input field.  (You can also give to our IDT Enhancement Fund which goes toward building and maintaining relationships with our students and alumni.  Insert IDT Enhancement Fund (520998).")  Select “Add Gift” and follow the remaining directions to complete your transaction.

 A sincere THANK YOU in advance.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Certificate in eLearning and Online Teaching

The Instructional Design and Technology Department is offering a new, 12 hour graduate certificate in eLearning and online teaching. The worldwide market for eLearning reached $35.6 billion in 2011 and is expected to grow to $51.5 billion by 2016. The Kansas Occupational Outlook Handbook forecasts 24.7 percent growth through 2020 for instructional designers and coordinators. The certificate provides online learning designers and teachers with research-based, best practices in online teaching and learning.

Students can begin this certificate during the spring, summer or fall semester depending on course availability. The certificate can be completed in addition to the Master’s Degree in IDT.  The 4 classes required for the certificate also count towards the Master’s degree.  Current students wanting to add the certificate, can do so by paying a $20 application fee.  All current and prospective students are eligible to complete the certificate. Unfortunately, IDT alumni are not eligible.

For more information, please contact Dr. Zeni Colorado at jcolorad@emporia.edu or go to http://www.emporia.edu/idt.

IDT Student Scholarship Fund Close to Endowment Level

In July 2011, a scholarship fund was established to benefit Emporia State University students currently enrolled in the Instructional Design & Technology program.  Before we can begin awarding scholarships, the fund has to reach an endowment level with a balance of $10,000.  After three years, WE ARE CLOSE!  We would appreciate your help!  Every little bit will bring us closer to our goal balance.

If you would like to help us get to our goal balance, please go to http://www.emporia.edu/give.  Designate the amount you would like to give and under Designation, select Other.  Type “IDT Scholarship Fund (120935)” in the text input field.  (You can also give to our IDT Enhancement Fund which goes toward building and maintaining relationships with our students and alumni.  Insert IDT Enhancement Fund (520998).")  Select “Add Gift” and follow the remaining directions to complete your transaction.  A sincere THANK YOU in advance.  At the moment we do not receive reports on who gives to this fund, so if you end up donating, please let us know!

New Faculty Member to Join IDT in January 2015

Dr. Insook Han will be joining the IDT family starting in January, 2015.  Dr. Han will be coming to ESU from Seoul, South Korea, where she is currently an Assistant Professor at Hanyang Cyber University.  She earned her doctorate of education in the area of Instructional Technology and Media from the Teachers College at Columbia University. Dr. Han’s areas of expertise include Emerging Technologies on Learning, Technology Use in K-12 Settings, and Teaching with Multimedia Technologies.  She has published in the Journal of Educational Computing Research, Teaching and Teacher Education, and Educational Technology International. She has given several presentations at AERA as well as ED-MEDIA. When you have the opportunity to do so, please give her a warm ESU IDT welcome!

Transitions in the Emporia State IDT Program

It is hard to believe an entire summer has gone and we are over a month into the Fall Semester!  First
let me take a moment to express what a privilege and honor it is to serve the Emporia State University (ESU) Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) Program students, faculty, staff, and alumni as Department Chair.  During the month of June, I worked closely with Dr. Childress and our administrative assistant, Janet Schneider on transitioning into the new position.  In July, we said farewell to Dr. Childress as a faculty member, but I can assure you, he remains an advocate for the ESU IDT program and a continued member of the IDT family.  We will continue to see him at various gatherings and professional events in the IDT field. I look forward to building upon the solid foundation Dr. Childress laid in his 11 years as department chair and advance the ESU IDT program to the next level.  Thank you, Dr. Childress!

We have been working on quite a few things over the last few months! Soon after this post, I will post these updates.  If you prefer to receive these via email, please subscribe to our email list at http://eepurl.com/ZB2v1.

I hope to send/post similar updates on a more regular basis throughout the year.  If you have news to share, or perhaps would like to author a guest post on our IDT blog, please contact me!

Zeni Colorado
Associate Professor and Chair
Instructional Design and Technology

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Leaving ESU and moving to Baker University (a note from Dr. Childress)

Earlier this year, I announced that I will step down from the IDT department chair position at ESU. The plan was to teach 3 master's level classes each semester, research, do some writing (and perhaps grants) and just fade away, like an old soldier (see General Douglas MacArthur, 1951) -

That was the plan ..... until I was approached with a rare opportunity at Baker University.....

On July 1, I will be be leaving Emporia State University to begin work at Baker University as Professor and Director (and creator) of a new doctoral program in Instructional Design and Technology.  The Baker University undergraduate programs are housed at the beautiful Baldwin City, KS campus. My office and doc program will be housed at the Baker University School of Education/School of Professional and Graduate Studies facilities in Overland Park, KS (8001 College Boulevard). I am sad that I will be leaving my wonderful ESU IDT faculty colleagues and master's students.  However, I am happy that I may be able to help many of my former and current ESU IDT students achieve their goal of advanced graduate study (think Ed.D./Ph.D. in IDT degree) at Baker University.  Although the actual doc program will likely begin in fall 2015, interested individuals may be able to begin as early as fall 2014 by taking some of the common research courses that are already in place with the existing Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership. It's a bit early to give too many details, but I foresee an online and/or hybrid program that can be delivered online and at the Baker - Overland Park, KS location.

I have no doubt that ESU IDT will continue to be a world-class program, producing the finest master's degree graduates; and I am counting on it. Hopefully, many of our outstanding ESU IDT graduates will take the next step with me at Baker University!

Dr. Childress

Monday, April 21, 2014

Will it play in Emporia?

Will it play in Emporia?

An interesting piece (and title) in Slate by Paula Krebs, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Bridgewater State University.

She makes some valid points about the importance of small regional universities to our society and how regional universities will need to embrace new technologies (and most importantly methodologies) to survive.

The problem, according to Krebs -

"While so many of us have been defending the value of a liberal arts education against the desire for us to deliver “skills,” we’ve too often been holding out against change in general—and technology in particular."

The forecast -

"The schools that don’t figure out what technology can do for their institutions and their students, who relay on their current methods of instruction and assessment, will be left behind over the next decades."

The outlook for instructional technologists/designers working in higher education is bright -

"....the kind of instruction we need will depend on faculty development, on faculty members being trained by their institutions to teach differently with tech."

Thoughts?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Post your comments below or on our IDT Facebook page.