Friday, August 9, 2013

Proposal Deadline Aug. 15 - KAECT,KSL, KASL Tri-Conference

Are you looking for an opportunity to show-off your skills and knowledge at a conference full of library/media specialists….and a handful of education technology folks?

KAECT is accepting conference proposals for the annual KAECT, KSL, KASL Tri-Conference to be held October 9-11, 2013 in Topeka at the Convention Center.

DEADLINE - August 15th (extended from July)

Go to for more information and for the link to the online submission system.
This would be a fun, non-threatening environment for graduate students (and brave undergraduate students). Don't fee like going solo?  Ask your fellow students, alumni, co-workers, or faculty members/instructors to join in as co-presenters.
We just LOVE presenting WITH our students!!!

But hurry!  The deadline is approaching quickly. Hey, what else worthwhile did you have planned to do this weekend?  Yeah, that's what I thought! Get to work!

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