Monday, November 28, 2011

Developing iPhone and iPad Apps - New IDT class for Spring 2012

IT 743 XA  Developing iPhone and iPad Apps, Spring 2012, 3 credits.

Co-taught by Dr. Dusti Howell (ESU IDT)  and Dr. Rob Gibson (ESU TCS)
Enroll today!  (This course may be used as an elective for your IDT MS program)

Description below:
In this class we will begin by making adjustments to current apps before creating our own apps. Next, we'll follow step-by-step directions to build simple apps. We will then style an app so that it looks good and users can easily navigate through it. Also, we will learn to use the  touch screen, the accelerometer, shortcuts and cheat sheets to create apps the easy way!

NOTE :  This class requires users to have an Apple computer running Snow Leopard (OS 10.6) or Lion (OS 10.7).  PC computers running Windows OS can not run the Xcode 4 software used in this class. There is a bit of programming involved in this class. Previous knowledge of programming is helpful but not required.
The course book and online videos are fantastic at showing the user step-by-step directions on creating apps.
A few Apple laptops may be loaned to users for this class. Please email Dusti Howell   (   for more information.

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