Monday, November 15, 2010

Library Student Journal - call for manuscripts

IDT Students! How about publishing some of your scholarly work? See below.
Library Student Journal "especially encourages submissions relating to new technologies and future trends." No, were not in library and information sciences....but, we're close enough....and we know a lot about instructional design, training and new technologies.

*Library Student Journal *(LSJ) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal for the fields of library and information science that is student-run and student-written. * Library Student Journal *seeks to publish the best papers from Library and Information Science (LIS) students worldwide, and to serve as a forum for discussion of LIS education, training, career paths, and future trends. Submissions may cover a wide range of topics, but should always relate to and advance the discussion of LIS topics. This is a rapidly evolving field. As such, LSJ especially encourages submissions relating to new technologies and future trends. Papers submitted to the peer-reviewed section of the journal should advance the existing literature with original ideas or original research.

LSJ recognizes that a complete discussion of LIS education requires a number of perspectives and a variety of formats. Along with articles of a scholarly nature, LSJ will also consider letters to the editors, editorials and opinion pieces, reviews of recent LIS monographs, and informational essays.

For more information about submitting work to LSJ, see information for authors on our website:

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