Saturday, November 6, 2010

Emporia State IDT team takes TOP honors at PacifiCorp competition

Again this year, our ESU IDT team was selected as one of the three winning teams and overall winner at the PacifiCorp Design and Development Competition at the 2010 AECT Convention in Anaheim, CA.

Representing Emporia State University's Instructional Design and Technology department, Michael Schwind and teammate Rob Ervin were selected winners in the PacifiCorp design and development competition (which involves having teams of two students design and develop a detailed written solution and oral report in response to a quite complex instructional design case study). During the year-long competition, eleven teams competed in the first round of the
competition and six teams moved forward to the second round, with three teams being selected as winning finalists.

The ESU IDT team of Schwind and Ervin joined the other two winning teams and presented their instructional design solution at the 2010 Association for Education Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention in Anaheim, CA.
Michael and Rob were awarded the Best Presentation ribbon at the Research and Theory/Design Development luncheon, for having the best overall project and presentation.
All of the IDT faculty were there to cheer-on Michael and Rob during their presentation and to celebrate their victory at the luncheon.

ESU IDT teams have entered the competition three times and have been named a winning finalist three times! For two years in a row, an ESU IDT team has been awarded Best Presentation.

Some history -
2007 - ESU IDT's first team, Sandy Valenti and Steve Harmon are selected as one of the winning finalist teams.
2009 - ESU IDT team, Liz Ermis and Jennifer Gibson are selected as one of the winning finalist teams and are awarded best presentation.
2010 - ESU IDT team, Michael Schwind and Rob Ervin are selected as one of the winning finalist teams and are awarded best presentation.

October 27, 2010 was indeed a proud day in ESU IDT history! Join me in congratulating Michael and Rob on their monumental accomplishment! Better yet, leave them a congratulations comment at our Ning site -
on our IDT blog - or
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