Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Get down on it! Enroll in Summer 2013 classes today!

IDT Students (and IDT alumni who need some professional development – yeah, I talking to you!):
Get down on it and enroll for your Summer 2013 courses!
Things are changing at ESU – for the better.  Our semi-new president Dr. Michael Shonrock is brilliant and full of energy. 

However, just like the new sheriff in town, there are some new rules for summer class enrollments.  These new minimum enrollments will assure that resources go where they are needed.
So, what does this mean for our IDT classes?  Although the formula is more complex than solving the US budget deficit, the ballpark enrollment number that we need for each graduate IDT class ranges from 8 to 11 (depending upon the rank and seniority of the faculty member).
When will we decide which classes make and which don’t?
On or around May 1st  - at that time, we will determine which courses have the best chance of being offered and courses may be cancelled.
What can you do to help?
Go ahead and get enrolled, as soon as possible!
Download Summer/Fall 2013 course offering flyers from - http://www.emporia.edu/idt/courseinfo.html
Search the class schedule here - http://www.emporia.edu/regist/schedule/
(You can even drill down to see the current enrollment)
You may enroll via Buzzin or by calling Distance Education at 877-332-4249 or 620-341-5385

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