Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Study Abroad Opportunities for ESU IDT Students and Alumni

How about going overseas this summer?
At the link below you will find some summer study abroad opportunities and continuing education opportunities for those of you who are already in the workforce.
I HIGHLY recommend the CHINA study abroad with my colleague Dr. Luo.  He has conducted this for several years and has even scored $425 pay, free meals, and housing for teaching at the university.
Feel free to contact Dr. Luo for more information.

Chinese Education and Culture Experience
Dates:     May 17-June 09, 2013
Credits:     3 credits
Course:    ED343ZB: 3 undergraduate credit
                 ED743XK: 3 graduate credit hours

Program Description:   
This course provides an opportunity for ESU undergraduate and graduate students to learn about the education and culture in China and to experience the dynamics of globalization and international diversity. The content of the course prepares the students with skills of learning and teaching as a dynamic process and knowledge of ever changing educational needs of students living in a global society (The Teachers College Conceptual Framework).  China, a major player of international economy in the 21st century, not only upholds one of the world's oldest and most complex cultures, but also provides education to the largest population in the entire global society. The students will experience firsthand the education, culture, and society system in China by participating in lectures and seminars on Chinese education and culture, practicing English teaching in the Chinese classroom, visiting schools, and having field trips to the historical/cultural sites. In addition, the students will have opportunities to get involved in the local cultural events, and communicate and exchange ideas with Chinese scholars, students, and  local educators.

Methods and Activities: Lectures and seminars, classroom teaching, school and family visits, field, historical and cultural trips, Local Events and Culture Involvement.

Estimated Cost:   
The host university will offer each student:
A stipend of $425 for teaching,
Free meals on campus cafeteria for the teaching period (three weeks)
Free housing with air-conditioning and bathroom for the teaching period (three weeks)
Possibly free local traveling and sightseeing around Guangzhou area at weekends.
Students are responsible for $2,747 for the costs (estimated) of the program, including:

Round-trip airfare
Passport and visa fee
Health insurance
Tickets for cultural events or site visits if necessary
Local transportation
Other additional personal expenses
(*) estimated amount and subject to change based upon airfare)

Not included in the program cost:
ESU tuition for 3 credits

For more information:    Dr. Mingchu (Neal) Luo
Department of School Leadership and Middle/Secondary Teacher Education
The Teachers College (VH 205, Box 4037)
Emporia State University
Phone: 620-341-5835

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