Wednesday, February 2, 2011

AECT PacifiCorp Competition is Ready - Are you up for it?

How about continuing the ESU IDT legacy in the PacifiCorp competition?

The AECT/PacifiCorp instructional design and development competition problem is posted and ready for for a solution!

(The first submission is only 1500 words - that's less than some of you write in Facebook every day!) The deadline for the first round of submissions is April 15, 2011. Thus far, we have one team. I would love to have MORE than one team represent ESU this year!

Now is a great time to participate in this challenging and skill-developing competition. The problem statement (along with other information about the competition) can be found on the competition website at Abstracts for Round 1 are 1500 words and outline a proposed solution to the problem. Find a partner and show the world your awesome instructional design skills!

Contact Dr. Childress or Dr. Colorado, if interested.

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