Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ESU to launch dual degree program with China

Big news from the Emporia State University IDT department! We're headed to China!
IDT will be the first program from ESU in this program and one of the first graduate programs in the country for the AASCU-CCIEE program (at least that's how I understand it).
This also means that there may soon be opportunities for IDT students in the US to travel to China for the summer - How cool is that?

From - http://www.emporia.edu/news/archives/2010/march/china_exchange.htm

Emporia State University will be one of 17 public universities in the United States participating in a program aimed at creating dual degree opportunities with selected universities in China. When ESU’s participation begins in 2011, the Sino-American 1+2+1 Dual Degree Program will bring Chinese students to the ESU campus for two years of their college experience, as well as offer students and faculty from ESU opportunities to study in China.

Early last year, ESU applied to the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE) to join the program hosted by these two organizations.

“We’re pleased that the mission of our institution as well as the outstanding quality of our academic programs helped us receive favorable consideration,” said Dr. James Williams, ESU’s vice president for strategic partnerships and associate provost for enrollment management.

The partnership with AACSU and CCIEE will allow ESU to connect with new higher education institutions in China, identifying students who will participate in the exchange program. Chinese students will spend the first year of their college education in their native country as ESU identifies the courses needed during their second and third years on the Emporia campus. The students will spend the final year of their coursework back in their native country.

“The program helps us identify and target students at universities in China to come here to ESU, and in turn, gives our students the opportunity to experience education in China,” said Harry Imbeau, director of international education at ESU.

Imbeau’s position will expand to include direct responsibility for coordination of ESU’s interests in the 1+2+1 program. He will work directly with CCIEE to extend opportunities for faculty exchange and academic research above and beyond the student exchange opportunities.

Additionally, ESU will work directly within the context of the AASCU/CCIEE program to develop opportunities to expand the high quality graduate education programs ESU offers.

“As we initially sought entry into the partnership program, we were interested in working with AASCU and CCIEE to offer a dual graduate degree,” Williams said.

“Faculty interest on campus to coordinate this type of dual degree has been very high and this seemed liked the perfect opportunity to explore this new opportunity,” Williams continued, adding that both AASCU and CCIEE were very interested in the idea and have embraced the concept as part of the partnership.

As plans are being finalized, ESU officials hope that faculty in the university’s Instructional Design and Technology graduate program will begin instructing students in a dual graduate degree program.

“IDT faculty and the leadership of the Teachers College have been very supportive and excited about this opportunity,” said Dr. Tes Mehring, provost and vice president for academic affairs. “We are excited about expanding the opportunities for both our domestic students and students in China to participate in this outstanding learning opportunity.”

Imbeau, Williams, and Dr. Marcus Childress, chair of ESU’s instructional design and technology department, will travel to China in mid-June to participate in the 10th anniversary celebration of the AASCU/CCIEE 1+2+1 program as well as meet with colleagues from selected institutions to iron out details of both the undergraduate and graduate opportunities.

Over the last five years, ESU has worked hard to develop a greater international presence, said Dr. Michael R. Lane, president. “This new opportunity is recognition that ESU is an institution that provides outstanding opportunities for our students and faculty to gain a global perspective. I am pleased with both the diversity these programs bring to our campus and our community as well as the resources they provide to supplement campus-based programs,” Lane continued.

“This is an example of how ESU creates high quality learning opportunities for faculty, staff and students as well as opportunities for members of the Emporia community,” Lane said.

Imbeau, Williams and Childress will continue to work with faculty, staff and the community to create a successful experience for all.

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