Monday, June 22, 2009

ESU Presentations at SIDLIT 2009

Below is a list of ESU presentations (lead presenter names) at this year's SIDLIT 2009 Conference. I also know that several IDT individuals are co-presenters. (Note to those students/alumni listing other organizations as their affiliation - Once ESU IDT, Always ESU IDT :)

Emporia State University Presentations at SIDLIT 2009
*- ESU IDT Faculty/Student/Alum. #- ESU Staff

Delivering Custom Apps Using Rapid Application Frameworks
Aaron Sumner*

100 Ways You Can Use Google (besides Searching)
Marziah Karch*

Twitter, Tumblr, Yammer, Huh? - How to Navigate Massive Information Streams and Have a Life
Marziah Karch*

Tweaching: Teaching and Learning in 140 Characters or Less
Stephanie Gerald*

Tired of Long, Boring PowerPoint Presentations? Try Pecha Kucha!
Marcus Childress*

Captivate 4 Essentials
Terry Dicken*

Community Outside the Online Classroom
Dan Spurgin*

Digital Storytelling: How to Bring Your Stories to Life
Tracy Newman*

Using WordPress as a Content Management System
Yvonne Ballester#

Social eLearning? Social Networking Meets eLearning
Rob Gibson#

The eLearning Institute: Combining Faculty and Academic Support Expertise to Develop Online Faculty
Jozenia Colorado*

Demographics, Self-Regulated Learning Characteristics and Academic Performance of Online Graduate Students
Jozenia Colorado*

iTunes U and You: Implementing Podcasting at Your School
Rob Gibson#

Second Life Build Charades
Marziah Karch*

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