Thursday, November 1, 2007

Congratulations to Steve and Sandy - PacifiCorp Finalists!

I just got back from the AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology) International Conference in Anaheim, CA. As finalists for the PacifiCorp Instructional Design Competition, IDT students Steve Harmon and Sandy Valenti did a masterful job of presenting their solution.

The competition involved having teams of two students design and develop a detailed written solution and presentation/report in response to a quite complex instructional design case study. The other two finalist teams were from Florida State and Virginia Tech. Here's a press release from the 2006 competition (the 2007 press release isn't out yet, and I couldn't wait to announce this). A pretty good brief explanation - The only thing that changed this year is that the conference was in Anaheim, CA this (instead of Dallas) and that it DIDN'T include a scholarship :( They did get really nice plaques, free conference registration, and recognition at the Research and Theory/Design and Development luncheon, though.

More information from the competition website.
General guidelines.
The problem statement that they addressed is here.
This really is a tremendous accomplishment for Steve, Sandy, and all of ESU IDT!


Steve said...

Just wanted to say thank you to the IDT faculty and our mentor Becky Cohen of FedEx who were great advisors for the Pacificorp process. Sandy and I truly enjoyed the experience. Hopefully we'll have someone compete for the next competition. Sandy and I are glad to visit with anyone interested in participating. Sandy thanks for being a great partner on this project!

Sandy said...

Without sounding like a serious brown-noser (and even if I do) I want to thank Marc Childress, who worked with us every step of the way through this process and didn't get NEARLY enough recognition. Take a bow, Professor Kaos! You rock!

Plus, I'd like to echo Steve's thanks of all IDT faculty, and our mentor, Becky Cohen.

Steve, you are an excellent teammate -- the best! Thanks tons.

TJ Rains said...

Way to go Sandy and Steve! This is such a great accomplishment.

TJ Rains